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Protofoliu Grade

One of the best ecotourim destinations


(English) Diving and Snorkling

From the Southern coast to eastern coast have beautiful tray sands and warm crystal water that attractive for swimming and snorkelling

(English) Atauro Handicrafts

as well as a range of other beautiful and unusual handicrafts. There are periodic cultural festivals on Atauro: see for more details., Atauro is also renowned as the home of the Boneka Atauro, charming dolls hand-made by the local women

(English) Accommodation

Iletimuran House (Vila Maumeta) U$15 per night excluding all meals tel.+67077245402, Manu Koko Guest House (Vila Maumeta) U$25 per night including all meals tel.+67077487301, Trisan House (Beloi) U$15 per night excluding all meals tel. +67077562762, Vila Gracia Lodge (Vila Maumeta) U$15 per night excluding all meals tel.+67077313359

(English) Beaches

There are many stunning beaches on the island which is suitable for family recreation as well as sunbathe activities

(English) Water Transportations

Oao's and Noel's boats available 7 day a week US$ 10 for one way telp.+67076552174, There are various options of water transportations to choose. Nakroma Ferry is only available on Saturday departure from Dili Port at 7.30am and return at 3pm US$ 4 (one way) help.+67077280963

(English) Whale and Dolphin watching

between October and December, during this time different species of whales along with large pods of dolphins can be viewed from cruise boats

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