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  • To define tourism sector policies for the best development practices of the sector
  • To promote and develop a stable economy, base on productivity which guaranteed the people welfare
  • Encourage and support the enterprise sectors in business growth, increased competitiveness and their ability to operate in a globalized economy
  • Develop and promote sustainability in the tourism sector (ecology, economy, social and culture)

These mission are essentially in support for the development of tourism policy base on the country potentiality. thus the Ministry is committed to:

  • Establish an institutional framework with adequate mechanisms for planning and control and an ability to implement tourism programs effectively at National, District and Local level
  • Establish mechanisms for effective marketing that result in creating a strong image of the country through national marketing, as well as resulting from partnerships with the private sector and other stakeholders
  • Develop mechanisms for establishing competitive tourism products and creating an attractive investment climate for domestic and international investors through simple and less bureaucratic rules;
  • Rehabilitation and reorganization of the Natural Areas of the Country;
  • Undertake the implementation of policies and practices for planning and sustainable development of tourism sectors;
  • Create a conditions for effective involvement of communities in the development of the tourism sector;
  • Participate actively in building an effective partnerships with neighboring countries and promoting a strong regional integration among the ASEAN countries, the Pacific and CPLP marketing, offering packages of different products, cross-border initiatives and coordination and alignment of policies and legislation concerning migration, transport and tourism;
  • Develop a human resource base of professionals at all levels in the private and public sectors and within communities through education and training;
  • Conduct awareness programs for all citizens about the importance of tourism and the value of heritage and natural and cultural heritages.
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