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Booklet Panorama Edit I am delighted to welcome all of you to visit our beautiful country, Timor-Leste.  Timor Leste is a must-visit location for all discoverers, adventurous and intrepid traveler.
This virgin destination is blessed with natural scenic beauty, colorful events, unique culture and friendly people.
Visitors who are looking to experience a stunning pristine tropical terrain can find it on the island of Jaco, which to many visitors epitomizes paradise with its range of flora and fauna.
Another island, Atauro is perfect for a weekend escape, allowing visitors to snorkel, dive or simply relax. For mountaineers, the peak of Ramelau and Matebian are a proven challenge.  And for those who want to soak in natural hot spring, Bobonaro and Venilale offer the perfect European style pool for a sauna and bath.
Each year, the people of Timor Leste enjoy many festival and annual events.  In addition, the ministry of Tourism also held a range of competitive sporting events such as mauntain bike riding, horse racing and even a yacht rally.  Foreign visitors are always welcome to join and share the occasion, allowing the people of Timor Leste to showcase our culture and hospitality.
The tourism sector is fast becoming an important pillar of the young country’s growing economy.  Our mission is to create policies with the interest of developing this sector.  We are committed to promoting and developing a stable economy based on national productivity guaranteeing the future of Timor Leste.
The Ministry of Tourism’s vision is to create an industry which can adapt to the changing environment facing world tourism today.  The vision focuses on the development of economic and social welfare, as well as national sustainability, one of which protects our environment and our culture.
The vision is based on the principle of establishing mutual partnership between the public and the private sectors, working together for the overall development of this industry.  We want to push the tourism sector to greater peaks, making Timor Leste one of the world’s premier travel destinations.
On behalf of all Timorese, I look forward to welcoming you to our beloved country.  I am sure that you will enjoy your stay and promise you a unique lifetime experience.

Francisco Kalbuadi Lay

Minister of Tourism Art and culture

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