Timor – Leste or East Timor has kilometre after kilometre of pristine coral reefs, offering some of the best diving in the world. There are several diving companies running scuba safaris to sites in Dili, Atauro Island, Manatuto District, Tutuala and Jaco Island. East Timor’s reefs are home to a vast diversity of marine creatures, from turtles to whales sharks and dazzling shoals of colourful tropical fish.

Timor-Leste offers some of the most pristine and least explored dive sites within the famous Coral Triangle.  Reefs run close to the shore along much of Timor-Leste’s northern coast and around Atauro. The majority of dive sites are very accessible with only a short boat ride or swim from the beach required to reach spectacular drop-offs.

The marine life is abundant as it is diverse with colorful hard and soft corals as well as a vivid array of reef fish.  Open water species such as tuna and mackerel are encountered along with harmless reef and whale sharks, manta rays and the more elusive dugongs.

Local dive operators offer shore and boat dives, PADI courses and overnight dive safaris.Timor-Leste is equally a snorkeling paradise due to clean warm waters offering great visibility.

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